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Ivan Margitich founded the firm of BayCity Law at Glenelg in 1982, which firm has now merged with Scales and Partners, Lawyers

From the inception of BayCity Law, Ivan’s work as a solicitor and barrister built a strong reputation within the southern community for the quality of his work, and his honest, down to earth approach. He practised in broad area of work including Wills and Estates, Personal Injury claims, Family Law, Commercial and Business Law, Criminal Law and as a Conveyancer.

His insightful and sensible advice in relation to matters as diverse as Divorces, the preparation of commercial law documents, business disputes, police charges and helping people make a Will and “Living Wills”, has been appreciated by those people who had need for the assistance of a solicitor in the Glenelg area.

Previously located opposite the Coles supermarket on Nile Street, in 2014 the firm moved a short distance to 1 Byron Street Glenelg, only metres from Jetty Road and the tram.

In 2015, BayCity Law merged with Scales and Partners, Lawyers meaning the firm was able to offer a greater range and depth of legal services to the local community.

Whilst working as a partner at Scales and Partners, John Pearce also began working as a consultant solicitor to the firm of BayCity Law in 2006, assisting Ivan in the areas of Civil and Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury Claims, WorkCover claims, Family Law and Wills and Estates. Over time, John became the primary accident lawyer in the firm dealing with the claims that arose from Car Accidents and Injury at Work claims. John also now has main responsibility for clients facing police investigation or police charges.

In 2015, after an extended period of shared success, the decision was made for the two firms to join together and practice under the one banner, Scales + Partners.

Ivan and John have now been joined at the Glenelg office by Daniel Praolini, who practices primarily as a Family Law lawyer.

Combined with the team of solicitors at its Adelaide office, the firm has an enviable depth of experience and knowledge that means we can deal with most of the legal needs of people living in the southern and coastal suburbs.

Whether you are looking for a business lawyer, a divorce lawyer, an injury lawyer, someone to help you with a police charge or a WorkCover dispute, or just need to make or update a Will and/or “living will” we can assist you with prompt, professional advice given by lawyers with many years of experience.

And because we know everybody’s situation is different, we offer a flexible service including: